What is Growth-Driven Design and how does it work?


Date: Thursday 07 March 2019

Time: 4pm GMT


Growth-Driven Design offers an alternative, smarter and more potent approach to the website redesign process. On March 7th 2019, we'll speak with the creator of the GDD methodology Luke Summerfield to understand where GDD came from and why you should consider it for your website success.


Within this webinar, we'll look at:

  • How to constantly Improve your website through data, analytics and user-behaviour.
  • How GDD minimises expenses and risks, as well as preventing deadlines being extended.
  • How introducing new, high-quality content on a regular basis is key to website success.


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Matthew Creswick

    • Group Head of Marketing,

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Luke Summerfield

Luke Summerfield

  • Program Manager,

  • Growth-Driven Design 

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