Social Media Benchmarks Report

Get your hands on HubSpot's 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report!

If you are looking to increase your presence on social media or maybe looking to see how other organisations in your industry are performing, then HubSpot's 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report is exactly what you should be reading. 

Taking information from over 7,000 businesses from nine different industries, this report will give you access to:

  • HubSpot's three main take-aways from the report, which includes an impressive 60+ charts.
  • Information on how often organisations in your industry are posting on social media per week and which channels are the most popular.
  • The benchmark target for the size of your following. You can find out whether this is what you would expect for an organisation of similar size to your own.
  • Industry specific statistics and figures on how engaged the audience is with different social media platforms.

Social Media is a key tool in any well-orchestrated B2B Marketing campaign and this report provides the insights on how comparable companies are performing. If you're unsure which social media platform is right for your business then why not download the report and see how other organisations are using social media. 

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