Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation

Explaining lead nuturing ebook thumbnailWe’re part of a revolution! Not a “Guy Fawkes mask / Anonymous” type revolution – an Inbound Marketing revolution!

Interruptive outbound marketing is on the decline and content driven inbound marketing is on the rise. When you think about it, it’s a reflection of how we all consume news and content.

Part of the inbound way of thinking is getting your head around effective Lead Generation and Marketing Automation, turning your website from a brochure of your services to an extended member of your marketing and sales team.

As an introduction to the inbound mind-set we have picked out these two techniques and pored over the reams of material relating to them both to provide this guide. 

Download our eBook if you are a B2B Marketer that wants to;

  • Understand exactly what these terms mean and what they mean for your business
  • Read how each discipline fits into the modern B2B marketer’s world
  • Determine how each discipline can provide real value to your B2B marketing campaigns

We want to help you understand what qualifies as an inbound marketing lead before it is handed over to an eager sales team to run down – we believe this guide is the first step in that process and will provide you with some useful tips on how to effectively nurture your leads.

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