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    Why work at B2BML?


    Untitled design (2)We help B2B technology companies grow their businesses. 

    We're looking for curious, hard-working leaders to join our team and help generate value in the businesses we work with. If you are looking to join an organisation at the front of modern marketing, sales and customer service techniques and methodology, this is a great place for you to grow and develop through structured learning, mentoring and upskilling. 

    This page will tell you a little about us and what we look for in our employees, as well as the current live job opportunities that we have available. 

    Live job opportunities

    Business Development Executive

    In order to support our ambitious growth plans over the next six months, we are looking for a Business Development Executive to join and support our sales team.


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    Content Marketing Specialist

    Do you love to write using the most modern SEO and marketing techniques? We are looking for a new Content Marketing Specialist to join our content team. 


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    Search Engine Marketing Specialist

    Search engine marketing is an ever changing industry - we are looking for a SEM specialist to help support our global SEO clients across the globe.


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    Events & Community Content Manager

    At B2BML we run at least six events a year - and that's only going to increase - we are looking for an events specialist to help improve our events and community engagement.


    Account Director

    We are looking for an Account Director to help manage all of our clients and support our Customer Success Managers. 



    If none of our current job opportunities match your relevant skill set, but you'd still like to be considered to work at B2BML -->>

    simply click here to email our team and tell us why you'd like to work for us!

    Bob Quote"We believe in challenging eachother, and our clients, to constantly improve"
    Bob Dearsley
    CEO, B2BML


    Our Teams


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    Customer Success

    Our customer success team are responsible for building long-term relationships with our clients. This includes running all updates and ensuring the all client deliverables are met on time and to the highest quality.



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    Inbound Marketing

    Our Inbound Marketing Specialists team are responsible for keeping up with the latest marketing techniques and strategy. This team includes our HubSpot specialists, as well as our expert content and design employees. 

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    Office & Finance

    Our office and finance team are the guys that keep the company running! From ensuring that our employees are set up and have everything they need to do their job properly - to ensuring our finances are always up to date and accurate so we know when we next need to hire!



    Asset 5

    Sales & Marketing

    We have our own internal sales and marketing team responsible for bringing on new business leads and enquires for our sales team to nurture, help and turn into new customers of B2BML.



    Asset 7

    Public Relations

    Public relations is still a key part of the marketing world - our PR team work with our clients to ensure they are improving brand awareness and driving high quality links back to their website on a frequent basis. 

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    SEO & PPC

    Our team of analysts run our specialist SEO & PPC services - ensuring that our clients are using the most modern and effective SEO techniques, as well as using paid media in the most efficient way possible.



    Our office locations

    Chicago | London | Germany | Singapore



    Live your best life



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    Flexible working

    We encourage our employees to work the hours that they'll be most productive. If you want to start work early and finish early, or start later and finish later that's absolutely fine with us!


    Asset 9


    Our team love to socialise. From company organised events and parties, through to our team arranging various social activities themselves - you can be sure to be kept busy!

    Asset 10


    As a company that is growing fast, we need employees to grow fast too. This is a place to development quickly and for you to grow with the business, like many of our employees have done already.

    Asset 11


    As much as we'd love for you to celebrate your birthday with us in the office (cake is a must!) - you also receive an extra day of leave to take on, or around your birthday so you can enjoy the day however you wish.

    Asset 13

    Career coach

    We have a career coach that you have access to on a monthly basis. You can book some time with him to speak about anything you wish - but it's a great way of understand how you can improve your day-to-day!

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    Long service

    We really value employees that are looking to grow with our business. We provide long service benefits including bonuses, as well as extra annual leave for employees at certain milestones that you've been with us.

    Inside the lab

    Frequently Asked Questions...



    "What is the recruitment process?"


    The recruitment process differs slightly dependant on which role you have applied for. However, we'll usually do an initial phone interview or asked you to complete a short welcome video of yourself. If this is successful, we'll ask you to come into the office to meet us and the team and complete a couple more tasks. 

    It's important for us that you get a good feel for us a team and a company, to ensure that you are a good fit - so we'll make sure you meet as many of us as possible!


    "Is there room for growth?"


    One million percent yes! Lots of our current leadership and management team joined the team as junior marketing executives who have grown with the business. 

    If you choose to join our team, you'll have the opportunity to develop your role and skills from day one. 

    "How many employees does the business have?"


    We currently have around 30 employees based in our London office, two employees in Singapore, one employee in Germany and our partnership with Be Found Online has approximately 40 employees in Chicago. 


    "Are there any opportunities for travel?"


    For sure! We have a team of people that travel to Boston, USA each year for HubSpot's annual conference. We also have offices in Chicago, Singapore and Germany where we try to give our team the opportunity to travel to when possible. In addition, we often have training opportunities at HubSpot's offices in Dublin.


    "What technology is provided?"


    Our team uses a mix of Apple macbooks and Windows machines. All of our public services are in the cloud, so you shouldn't have any formatting issues at all! On top of that, we use the latest marketing, sales and service software called HubSpot for all of our own activity - which is an amazing tool to use!

    "What can I expect in the first month?"


    During your first month in the role you can expect to be learning lots. You'll spend some time with each of our teams to understand the business as a whole, but then also receive hands on training on your specific role. It will be busy, but it will also be fun!