Why do you need a Content Marketing Consultant?

Before you deploy any inbound marketing strategy, it’s vital that you ascertain just who you should be marketing to. With advancements in mobile technology, the internet and various social media applications, there are now a variety of channels through which marketers can hope to engage with their potential prospects – but also numerous ways those prospects can tune out.

As a result, it becomes a challenge for you and your business to not only get its message out, but also to ensure that its message is read – and by the right people.

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In this instance, a fundamental part of your inbound marketing strategy and a key foundation upon which you will build your efforts, are your 'buyer personas' and the content you want to deliver to them. Every person you want to market to has a problem or pain they’re looking to solve or alleviate, and in an ideal world, you want to be the one to solve that problem.

What are Buyer Personas?

Remember, you are not marketing to the company, you are marketing to the individual, so you must consider that they are people; they have likes and dislikes, aims and objectives, issues and concerns – and your job as a marketer – is to empathise with those individuals and construct buyer personas that help to inform and develop content based on the understanding that you can get from them.

Through solid preparation and creating buyer personas who embody your ideal customers, you will be able to create a specific, tailored Content Marketing strategy, which provides content that appeals to these individuals on a granular level, educating and informing them on the problems they’re facing and further developing their inclination to do business with you.

As you create content orientated around specific pain points your buyer personas are expressing and utilise the inbound marketing methodology to determine where your buyers are in the funnel, your Content Marketing gradually becomes more effective, more precise, more relevant. And slowly, you will begin to push prospects down the funnel, from the top, through the middle and finally towards a purchase. And, if you can demonstrate an intricate understanding of their problems, their situation and their objectives, your customers will look to you as a source of credibility and authority - and that trust makes them a stronger and stronger prospect.

How can our Content Marketing Consultants help you?

We are a specialist Content Marketing agency, built out of a team of Content Marketing consultants. We have spent extensive time and effort investigating, interpreting and strength-testing our clients’ key messages so that the very best content can be distilled. We examine the most suitable channels through which to push this content for greatest impact and go to great lengths to ensure that all content is easy to find, whether via search engines, paid media or via social and digital channels.

The best B2B marketing campaigns are founded on making sure that you have optimum content and that you are distributing it in the correct fashion through the most appropriate network channels.

What Can We Do?

Our Services

Content planning workshops

A structured programme for those looking for support to prepare and plan their content and buyer personas before they start their Inbound Marketing strategy.

Outsourced Content creation

Carefully tailored programmes for those who need help generating useful content to help power their Content Marketing strategy.

Remote support & troubleshooting

Tiered levels of telephone and email support for HubSpot and Inbound strategy to help you plan, strategise and troubleshoot if things "don't go quite right".

Content Creation for B2B Lead Generation

A "How to" guide to creating better content in B2B Markets

Are you currently struggling to create the quality and quantity of content needed in order to ensure your Inbound Marketing camapigns are successful? 

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