The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Lovable Marketing Campaigns


Using marketing to earn the love of your prospects can have a tremendous impact on your business. You give rise to a movement of brand evangelists and supporters who will help you grow.

From producing a stellar marketing offer, through promoting it on your channels, to measuring its impact, this ebook will teach you how to piece together the main components of a holistic marketing campaign.

Most importantly, you know how to make each of these components valuable, consistent and timely--all prerequisites for creating marketing that your prospects will love.

By reading this ebook you'll learn:

  • How to develop compelling marketing offers
  • How to drive visits to your offers and convert them into leads successfully
  • Ways to nurture leads and make them more qualified
  • What metrics to track to evaluate performance!

Who should download this?

Any B2B marketer who is:

a) ...considering implementing a programme of inbound marketing or content marketing and is looking for help getting started.

b) need of some material to help convince internal stakeholders of the value of a new approach.

c) ...aware that something in the B2B marketing approach needs to change, but is unsure of what or how.

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