What is the HubSpot Coaching Programme?


    The HubSpot Marketing & Sales platforms provide you with an all-in-one platform for all your lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement programme needs. However such a powerful and extensive set of tools can often take a while to fully comprehend - and it is sometimes hard to understand if you are really making the most of all the different elements of it!

    • Unclear about how all of the HubSpot functionality works?
    • Want your latest workflow or campaign looked at by a friendly pair of expert eyes?
    • Worried that you are not making the most of the whole toolkit?
    • Want to know if your content and its landing pages are following best practice?


    Well, why not let a member of our experienced and fully HubSpot Certified team give you some coaching?

    It's not just in the world of elite sports where a coach can make a different to your performance. Having someone working alongside of you, being on your team, helping you to give your very best in the business world, is also a great way to raise your company's game!

    You can't be expected to know it all, after a relatively brief onboarding programme, so get a little expert help and one of our coaches could make a winning different for you and your business.

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    In addition to running regular HubSpot portal reviews to check you are using all aspects of the HubSpot platform properly, B2BML will provide you with a regular monthly call for some one-to-one troubleshooting and advice, give you substantial discount on our marketing and sales classroom training courses AND keep you up-to-date with all of the latest product advancements, as they happen, to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

    What's included in the HubSpot Coaching Programme?


    Quarterly HubSpot Healthcheck

    Every 13 weeks, we'll systematically review your HubSpot portal to ensure everything is set up as it should be, as well as providing recommendations on what you can do to improve your returns.

    20% Discount on our HubSpot Classroom Training Courses 

    We run monthly HubSpot Marketing and Sales classroom training sessions, as part of the Coaching Programme you'll get 20% off all classes!

    Regular Monthly calls with your dedicated HubSpot Manager

    We'll provide you with a dedicated HubSpot Manager, who will run-through a 45 minute structured call with you every month to check up on how things are progressing and developing.

    Quarterly HubSpot Product Update Email and Recommendations

    Every quarter, we'll provide you with an update of everything new or different in your HubSpot portal, with recommendations on how you can make best use of them!

    What's next?

    Sign-up with your HubSpot Coach today and start getting more from your software...

    Just complete the form with your details and one of our team will contact you to discuss how the HubSpot Coaching Programme would work for you. 

    Once complete, you'll have access to:  

    • A Quarterly HubSpot Healthcheck - our team of HubSpot experts will access your HubSpot portal and review all the activity taking place. We will provide you with recommendations on everything that can be improved in the short term, as well as working with you on your long term goals!
    • 20% discount on HubSpot training - interested in HubSpot classroom training? As a member of our Coaching Programme, you'll be entitled to receive 20% off all of our Marketing & Sales classroom training sessions.
    • A 45 minute call with your dedicated HubSpot Coach every month - your dedicated HubSpot certified coach will arrange a time every month for you to ask any questions you like, as many times as you like. It's your chance to quiz our team on any aspect of your marketing activity or HubSpot setup or use the time to ‘live troubleshoot’ any particular issues you may be having.
    • A quarterly HubSpot product update email - as we're sure you're aware, HubSpot are continually updating and adding features into the product. Each quarter, we'll provide you with an update, as well as our coaching recommendations on how to capitalise on the new elements of functionality! 


    Please note: B2BML requires sole Admin access to your HubSpot portal to provide your HubSpot Coach with enough information to run the portal healthchecks and advise you on what you may not be taking advantage of.

    If you have been working with another HubSpot Partner and wish to try our Coaching programme, just call to discuss our access requirements, you can contact us on the number below:

    0207 183 0288.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I sign up to the HubSpot Coaching Programme?

    There are a few ways you can contact us:

    1) Complete the form above
    2) Call us on 020 7183 0288
    3) Email
    4) Book a call with our team using this link


    By completing one of the above, a member of our team will be able to run through the details of the HubSpot Coaching Programme, and answer any questions you have!

    Who will be my HubSpot Coach?

    As part of the HubSpot Coaching Programme, you will be assigned a dedicated Coach from our team of highly experienced and certified HubSpot experts. Did you know that our team have over 100 HubSpot cerfitications between them? 

    Your Coach will be your main point of contact, the person who will run the monthly calls with you, as well as run you through the quarterly HubSpot Portal review. 

    What can my Coach help me with?

    When using a tool like HubSpot, it's always useful to speak to someone who's done it before. We've been HubSpot Partners since 2012, so you can imagine how many questions answered, and problems solved that we've seen. 

    Becuase of this, you can use your 45 minute calls to simply ask technical questions, look for best practice advice, or simply bounce ideas off our team and we'll let you know what we think!

    What's included within the HubSpot Portal Review?

    As part of the quarterly HubSpot Portal Review you'll receive, we will simply run a check through your HubSpot Portal and access all activity. 

    From landing page structure, email best practice, workflow usage, lead managment process and more; we've got a good idea of what 'good' looks like, so we'll either let you know what we think could be improved, or also applaud you on your amazing Inbound Marketing techniques! 

    20% off HubSpot Training, but how much are they usually?

    We run monthly classroom HubSpot Training sessions in our offices in Central London. You can find more information on those sessions here

    However, as part of the HubSpot Coaching Programme, you'll receive 20% off any of the HubSpot Training sessions that we run, see prices below!

    HubSpot Marketing Software Training

    £495.00 £396.00

    HubSpot CRM & Sales Pro

    £295.00 £236.00

    Can I increase the services I receive within the HubSpot Coaching Programme?

    Of course! 

    If you're looking to increase the levels of support your Coach provides, please speak to your assigned Coach about your requirements and they will be able to talk you through any bolt ons that can be added to your programme.

    Speak to a member of our team

    Speak to a member of our team

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