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HubSpot Web Design


You’ve got your prospects to your website – now make it easy for them to love you!

How many times have you visited a website of a company you want to know more about, only to be frustrated by poor navigation, a lack of clarity in the page design, no opportunity to download material (or even worse, 10-field forms guarding every page of content!) and no sign of intelligent life since 2006?!

When this happens, all the effort that went into the piece of media coverage, the high ranking on a list of search engine results or the tweet or blog that got you there are wasted. Boosting web traffic is great, but unless the website is designed to deliver more conversions, there’s no point.

You’re here because your website isn’t performing, it's not attracting enough leads, the design is dated and the optimisation is poor. But before embarking on a website redesign, you should think about the functionality of your website - and why it’s not performing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How easily is your website managed and edited?
  • What do you want people to do when they arrive at your site? Is that obvious and easy?
  • What is your current website conversion rate?
  • Do you have dedicated landing pages, and if so, what are their individual conversion rates?
  • Have you ranked your website content by importance and is the ‘buying signs’ content suitably promoted and tracked?
  • Where is your ‘Contact Us’ and should it be there?
  • Is your site easily understood by a global audience?

These are just some of the elements which, if done incorrectly, may be hindering your website - and that’s why you need Growth-Driven Design (GDD).

HubSpot Web Design Support

Our Approach to Web Design is Growth-Driven

At The B2B Marketing Lab, our process of website redesign is Growth-Driven - to streamline redevelopment we work with you to identify and launch the highest value pages first and usally aim to launch these within twelve weeks, with further development completed incrementally post-launch.

Using HubSpot’s COS (HubSpot Content Optimisation System). HubSpot enables us to create pages that are easily optimised, smart and adaptable and hosted in one central location. By building your website in HubSpot we can not only save you time, resource and budget, but also build you a prospect-focused website which is based on smart, data-driven insights, that you can quickly add new pages to when required. 

We can help you build your website around your ideal customers and business objectives, so that you can constantly generate the right kind of high-quality leads - and introduce more sales for your business.

We also optimise your website with data available, determining which pages drive the majority of your traffic, and then using a combination of HubSpot’s COS and the keyword terms you want to rank for, we create a site that continually pulls in visitors and provides a personalised user-experience.

Our data scientists can also conduct comprehensive tests, analysis and research to ascertain which elements of your website perform well and how best you can use them. We can use this data to provide you with actionable insights and advice to help you create a website that works effectively.

As you continue to build your website post-launch, we work with you to add further webpages and new prospect-oriented content on an incremental basis. In this day and age, your website is dynamic, an expanding hub of activity that continually develops  to appeal to your customers with timely and relevant information.

So don’t settle for barricading your website development team in for months on end with no plan or framework to follow, embrace a website redesign that is Growth-Driven!

HubSpot Growth-Driven Design

Four reasons to build your website in HubSpot 

Smart Content

Use smart content to tailor what your visitors sees based on their location, web source, device, or language.

Mobile Optimised

All sites built in HubSpot are automatically mobile responsive and AMP compliant.

Built for the Marketer

HubSpot is built for the marketer, not a web developer. It's easy to clone, edit and publish web pages with ease.

One Location

Stop having to log into four different tools to manage your web content. HubSpot hosts your site, blog and landing pages in one place.

Latest eBook

What is Growth-Driven Website Design?

What is Growth-Driven Website Design eBookTraditional website redesign is broken

But don't panic! There is a much more effective way of building your new website. Rather then deciding every two or three years that 'it's time for a redesign', Growth driven website design focuses on growing your website over that same period. No massive deadlines, no massive delays and headaches. 

Download our Growth-Driven Design eBook, which will highlight:

  • What Growth-Driven Website Design is
  • How Growth-Driven Website Design works
  • And all the individual elements involved in your Growth-Driven Website redesign process

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Growth-Driven Design?

Traditional website re-design is broken. You don’t want to spend months re-designing your website with no end in sight, you want a responsive, dynamic and high-impact website as soon as possible. Growth-Driven Design is all about being a feasible, applicable website in the shortest amount of time, utilising your highest value pages and streamlined design to drive greater amounts of traffic to your website.

How will the project work?

We will work with your business to develop a project plan which consists of key deliverable dates, completion deadlines, your website’s new structure, your website’s existing structure, SEO research, keyword optimisation, website analysis, search volumes, work in progress and much, much more. We’ve been developing project plans for a long time now - and we have constructed a simple but clinical project planning process that continuously works.

Can you do it all for me?

Yes we can. If you want to outsource the complete development of your website to us, with you acting as the final point of review, that can be done.

What if I already have a domain name?

You will not lose your domain name. When we go live with your new website, we will switch it over for you and connect it to your HubSpot domain.

How much does a HubSpot website cost?

In order to host your website in HubSpot, you need to be a HubSpot marketing customer. Once you’re a HubSpot customer, hosting your website is simply an add-on. This add-on costs £70 a month if you get under 3,000 website visitors a month, or £210 a month over that amount of visitors. Other than that, you just pay the HubSpot fee based on the size of your licence.

Can I see my website while it’s being designed?

Of course! HubSpot has a great web design feature called ‘Staging’ which enables you to view website pages as and when they’re constructed - allowing you to see what your website is going to look like. Feel free to click around and interact with pages on the staging area!

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What is Growth-Driven Website Design?

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