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Upcoming Training

HubSpot Marketing Training

Southwark, London29 June 2017

HubSpot Sales Software Training

Southwark, London20 July 2017

Do you need Diamond Certified HubSpot Training?


You may be in the position where you’ve recently acquired the HubSpot platform and while you’ve familiarised yourself with its functionalities on a basic level, you want to learn the full range of its capabilities and what it can be used for.

HubSpot, whilst a user-friendly marketing and sales platform, is incredibly powerful and has a number of tools, processes and options which can help you take your marketing and sales activity to the next level and refine it further.

You want to bolster the efficacy of your marketing and sales activity through your HubSpot platform - but you’re unsure where to begin - and want expert training, advice and support.

We can help.

HubSpot Training London 

HubSpot Training London

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, our team of scientists are experts in all things HubSpot - and we’re the most widely accredited HubSpot Diamond Partner in the UK. We use HubSpot on behalf of our clients to help them transform their marketing and sales processes, by creating supercharged inbound marketing campaigns that are personalised, optimised and sophisticated.

Our team of HubSpot experts can advise and provide you with industry accredited, Diamond-grade training, imparting the knowledge you need to improve your marketing campaigns and your team as a whole.

We offer introductory courses for those just starting with HubSpot, as well as courses on the Inbound Marketing methodology and individual modules encompassing the operation and usage of all HubSpot Software.

Our training programmes are designed with best practice and our industry experience and expertise in mind. In addition, we provide HubSpot Consultancy and Support, so no matter what your HubSpot query, we have the answers to your questions.

Our classroom-based training programmes are offered for both the HubSpot Marketing toolkit or the CRM/Sales platform.

Topic areas include:

  • Content Creation
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Integration/HubSpot CRM
  • ROI Reporting
  • Templates & Documents
  • Sequences & Meetings

The B2B Marketing Lab has over five years of experience in implementing and managing successful Inbound Marketing programmes, as well as organising and conducting individual and group training sessions for the HubSpot marketing and sales platform.

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Upcoming Event

HubSpot Training Days


Learn the Inbound way. Join us in Central London for a full day of HubSpot Training.

HubSpot Marketing Training courses:


Thursday 29th June 2017

Friday 28th July 2017

Friday 25th August 2017

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HubSpot Sales Training courses:


Thursday 20th July 2017

Thursday 17th August 2017

Thursday 14th September 2017

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Bespoke HubSpot Training

What kind of training are you looking for? We can accommodate requests and offer training for individual modules, such as the HubSpot tools - to providing a complete introduction to the Inbound Marketing methodology.

Group and individual training sessions

If you want to educate your whole team on HubSpot, we offer group training sessions for up to ten people. Alternatively, if you want to train a single person from your organisation, we provide one-to-one tutelage. 

HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Q&A

No matter what the problem, we can help you find a solution. Our  training sessions are not only an opportunity for you to learn from us, but also to ask any questions about the platform.

Flexible to your needs

Whether it's in-house training or off-site at our offices, we can find a solution that suits your requirements. Our group training sessions are designed to be in-depth and detailed, with plenty of opportunities for group exercises and review.

What kind of HubSpot training are you looking for? 

Download our HubSpot Training Info Pack

HubSpot CoursesFind out more information about our HubSpot Training courses

By completing the form on the right hand side you can download our training course pack, this includes: 

  • HubSpot Marketing Software Training Agenda
  • HubSpot Sales Software Training Agenda
  • Information on the course leaders
  • What previous attendees have thought about the day

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people will be on the training course?

Our training courses typically consist of 4-6 people per session (never more than 6). This allows our team to keep things personal and have one-to-one time with delegates which is essential when learning the software.

Can I choose my own agenda?

Our standard HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software Training courses have set agendas, focused on getting learning all the basics to getting a Inbound Marketing campaign set up. 

If you'd like to discuss a bespoke training agenda, please click here for more information.

What do I need to bring on the day?

Our training courses are run on a B.Y.O.D basis. The only other thing you need to ensure you have is a HubSpot portal up and running. 

If you need support in signing up to a free trial prior to the training course, please let us know. 

How experienced is the course leader?

All of our course leaders have been using HubSpot for over three years and have worked on a number of different clients of different sizes and industries. 


Is the training course classroom based?

100% yes! 

HubSpot provide a huge amount of webinars and guides on using the software, however there's nothing quite like having an expert sit with you and go through the tool. Our courses are run in a classroom at our offices, where the course leader will present and run workshops that ensure productivity is high!

How much does the training course cost?

You can pay for the training whichever way is easiest for you. We can send you an invoice, you can send us a bank transfer, or you can pay through Eventbrite.

Marketing Software

Click here to download the training pack for our HubSpot Marketing Software course, as well as the upcoming dates of our next classes.

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Bespoke Training

Click here to let us know more information about your training requirements and how exactly we can help you. 

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Click here to get in touch with our team and find out more about our Hubspot Training options.

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