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    HubSpot Support Packages


    If you’re looking for remote assistance, troubleshooting, interim support or maternity cover for the management of your HubSpot platform, you have come to the right place.

    HubSpot is a very easy to use marketing tool, with an awesome interface, masses of standard reports and simple, intuitive operation - but as there is so much included, it can sometimes be a little daunting. So ensuring that you are using the whole suite of tools efficiently and effectively can be quite hard work. There are lead management processes to oversee, lead nurture pathways to build and email workflows to manage and update, as well as using the social tools, the keyword & SEO tools and managing the blogging and landing pages, that means that there's a lot to cover and keep on top of.

    Expert HubSpot Support 

    HubSpot Support Packages

    Our HubSpot support packages can be created in a variety of ways:

    Are you looking for deliverable-based support? For example, this may include a newly designed eBook per month, plus social promotion, lead nurturing support and the creation of blog posts and landing pages.

    Are you looking for hourly-based support? You can purchase a number of support hours from us to use how and when you like. We use time management software to update you frequently on how many hours you have used and how much time is remaining. 

    A monthly HubSpot Support Package could include:


    1 new eBook

    This includes drafting and writing services, design and layout into a branded eBook template and landing page creation.

    20 support hours

     Our experienced scientists will be on hand to answer your questions and walk you through any queries about the full suite of tools.

    4 new blogs

    This would include the drafting, search optimisation and posting of one blog per week onto your HubSpot hosted blog platform.

    30 tweets

    This can also include posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. We want to help you get your content seen by the right audience!

    Want more information?

    Talk to a consultant about your HubSpot Support requirements

    Looking for more information on our HubSpot Support Services?

    Complete the form on the right hand side to book a free consultation with one of our HubSpot Account Managers. During this consultation we will discuss your current marketing set-up, as well as your HubSpot Support requirements. No commitment. No obligation. Just a 30 minute free consultation and a chance for you to ask questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I need to schedule support calls or appointments in advance?

    No. Regardless of the severity of the issue, our team of highly trained, HubSpotters and Inbound Marketing specialists are ready to help you. Feel free to call or email in whenever you have a HubSpot or Inbound related issue and your Account Manager or a member of your account team will respond within two hours (during business hours).

    What types of problems can you help me with?

    Anything HubSpot or Inbound Marketing related! Our team is fully accredited and well versed in all aspects of Inbound Marketing and HubSpot functionality.

    Whether you are looking for support with a specific element of the HubSpot platform or are looking for some help and advice with your Inbound campaigns, our team are here to help.

    Do I need to provide you with access to HubSpot?

    Yes, to be able to support you effectively we will need access to your HubSpot portal.

    Worried about this increasing your number of users? Don't panic, certified HubSpot Partners do not count to your account user limits.


    Who is my point of contact?

    You will be assigned a HubSpot support account manager when you take out a HubSpot support agreement with us who will be your main point of contact. However, you'll also be given a client email address, which will go to the whole HubSpot marketing team to ensure you always get a speedy response.

    What if I want to learn how to fix it myself?

    That's not a problem, once we have investigated the problem you can either ask for our team of HubSpotters to fix it for you or we can share step-by-step instructions or run a live screenshare meeting on how to solve the problem yourself.

    If you want to educate yourself further on the platform, we also run monthly HubSpot training classes which you and your team can attend.

    If you’re interested in HubSpot training, you can find out more here.

    What kind of support packages do you offer?

    Our support packages are tier-based dependent on the volume of support time you feel you will require.

    Our standard support contracts run for 12 months and include a fixed number of hours of support time. Support time is then called in 15 minute blocks. We have fixed hourly rates for our HubSpot team which are tiered against experience, dependent on the complexity of the task or the urgency of the request we will assign your support case to the most suitable member of the team. 

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