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    Do you need HubSpot Implementation support?


    When it comes to implementing a new marketing automation platform, there are an endless number of details and processes that need to be set-up first before you can start working. Simple things such as identifying resources, determining goals and objectives and allocating responsibilities, all of these play a significant and important role in the deployment of your new Marketing Automation and CRM platform.

    It’s essential that your whole organisation is operating to the same methodologies and in sync when it comes to the deployment of your new CRM, otherwise delays and failures can potentially creep in. Good project management and continuous, transparent communication between everyone involved, will help you pave the way to best practice and a seamless integration of your CRM platform.


    HubSpot Implementation Support and Management 

    What is required to implement HubSpot?

    When it comes to implementing a new Marketing Automation platform, there are an endless number of details and processes that need to be set-up first, before you can start working.

    Some of these are simple, others are more technically complex, such as:

    • Setting up your Javascript tracking code to accurately track website analytics
    • Connecting your CRM to your HubSpot Marketing Automation platform
    • Adding custom contact properties which are unique to your company
    • Syncing your CRM fields with your HubSpot portal so that information is being exchanged correctly
    • Setting up sub-domains for HubSpot pages
    • Building Landing Pages and Thank You pages, as well as determining what templates to use
    • Migrating existing content such as your blog, eBooks and other assets

    However, you may be in the unfortunate situation where you want to upgrade and support your business’ marketing and sales activity through HubSpot's Marketing and Sales Automation platform, but you just don’t have the time nor the resource to do so.

    How can we help you with your HubSpot Implementation?

    At The B2B Marketing Lab, we’re a specialist HubSpot Inbound Marketing Consultancy and a HubSpot Diamond Partner. We have extensive experience in deploying and integrating HubSpot platforms into businesses across a variety of industries.

    Whether HubSpot is your first marketing and sales platform or an additional tool to support your existing strategy, we can easily implement HubSpot for you and get you up to speed in our industry accredited HubSpot training courses.

    We can help you design a HubSpot integration strategy that works for you, focusing on your business objectives and key deliverables to ensure you’re up and running as soon as possible.

    Throughout the integration process, we will support you by providing technical expertise, guidance and best practice advice on all things HubSpot. On completion of the integration, you will have all the knowledge you need to operate HubSpot effectively.

    With our extensive Inbound Marketing experience - and complete understanding of HubSpot, we can continue to provide you with support even after you have integrated your platform - and help you identify possible opportunities to refine your processes.

    It’s all about getting it right consistently. Our experience in implementing HubSpot for our clients for more than five years has enabled us to develop a process that can be tailored to everyone.

    Our HubSpot Implementation services include:


    HubSpot Training

    We deliver bespoke HubSpot Training courses, covering specific subject areas or an overview of the full suite. We also provide individual training or group training sessions for any level of HubSpot experience.



    HubSpot Onboarding

    As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, our experts have developed a streamlined implementation process  to provide you with a marketing and sales platform in no time at all, with ongoing support when you need it.

    HubSpot Support

    Even after you are up and running with your HubSpot platform, we can provide technical expertise and best practice advice to ensure you are getting the most out of the full suite of tools and using them effectively.

    HubSpot Consultancy

    You may be looking to increase your marketing and sales activity through HubSpot, but may be unsure where to begin. Our team of experienced, highly-accredited HubSpot Consultants can help you develop a marketing plan that just keeps on giving.

    Want more information?

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    Looking for more information on our HubSpot Implementation services?

    Complete the form on the right hand side to book a free consultation with one of our HubSpot Account Managers. During this consultation we will discuss your current marketing setup, as well as your plans for implementing HubSpot. No commitment. No obligation. Just a 30 minute free consultation and a chance for you to ask questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much does it cost to onboard HubSpot?

    If you onboard HubSpot directly with HubSpot support, the cost of the implementation ranges from £420 to £3,500 based on HubSpot package you'll be using and level of service you require.

    The B2B Marketing Lab offers HubSpot onboarding and setup for the same price, but with additional face-to-face support, knowledge and guidance.

    Why use a HubSpot partner over onboarding with HubSpot directly?

    The HubSpot onboarding process is very product focused and homework orientated, all support is provided via telephone or webinar training. The B2BML team of HubSpot experts provide on-site support wherever required and constant online back up and problem solving.

    We know what actually works and doesn't work in a practical environment as well as being able to provide content creation, design & layout and Marketing campaign best practice guidance. 

    How long does it take to onboard HubSpot?

    Depending on the size of the portal you are implementing, and the complexity of your setup, onboarding HubSpot usually takes 3 months or less. 

    Our usual recommendation is to implement the software and build your programme plan over a 3 month period, we would then recommend an ongoing optimisation and improvement programme to run over the following 9 months to ensure you are getting the absolute best from your platform and campaigns with all of your costs spread equally over a 12 month period.

    How much stuff needs to 'get done' to onboard HubSpot?


    As part of our onboarding services, we'll provide you with a bespoke, detailed Gantt chart planner which outlines every task that needs to be completed mapped against expected time frames. We share this with you and update on a frequent basis to ensure the programme is on track.

    Surely I can onboard myself?

    HubSpot require an onboarding programme to ensure the success of the software. You can onboard yourself of course, but why not work with someone who's done it numerous times before?

    Experienced HubSpot partners are aware of the programme pitfalls and likely stalling points of the onboarding process so can help to simplify and speed up the process.

    For more information on this, download our eBook 'Five Reasons to use a HubSpot Platinum Partner' now.


    Can we include HubSpot training within the onboarding?

    Of course! 

    As part of our HubSpot onboarding we include face-to-face classroom training for your marketing team. This training session will equip your marketing team with a good understanding of the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing and how to make the most of the HubSpot toolset.

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    How can I build a HubSpot Onboarding Project Plan?

    Build a HubSpot Onboarding Project Plan eBook

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