The world of Inbound has changed significantly since the movement was started by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah back in 2006.

The world of the 'sales funnel' is being replaced the 'customer flywheel' and Inbound Marketing now includes Inbound Sales, Inbound Services and Inbound PR. 

This short afternoon event provides a unique opportunity to hear an update from Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot and to understand the latest thinking about how Inbound is helping thousands of businesses across the world to grow, build and excel at customer service and satisfaction.

Come and join us for free and hear some of the smartest marketing thinking and advice for one afternoon only in central London this June.


An exclusive, free and invite-only event. We hope to educate and inspire around 100 Inbound professionals in the London area.


Monday 10th June 2019. We'll be looking to kick off early afternoon and finish early evening. We hope to have some drinks afterwards and we would love it if you could join us. 


SCI Headquarters,
14/15 Belgrave Square,


The largest Inbound event takes place in Boston, USA, every September. We are bringing Inbound to London for just one day this summer.


For years, companies have structured their business strategies around the funnel - and it worked. Today, customer referrals and word-of-mouth have become the largest influence on the purchase process, which means the funnel has one major floor;

It views customers as an afterthought, not a driving force.


Funnels produce customers but they don’t consider how those customers can help your business to grow. A key topic for marketeers is how the world of marketing is changing for the better. Come and hear how the customer flywheel is changing marketing and marketing automation.

Join us in London for tips, tricks and hacks from some of the industries thought-leaders and how technology is changing and benefiting customers throughout Europe and the USA.

  • Halligan HubSpot

    Brian Halligan

    CEO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

    Brian Halligan is co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. Prior to HubSpot, Brian was a venture partner at Longworth Ventures and a VP of Sales at Groove Networks, which was later acquired by Microsoft. He has authored two books, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead and Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs which he co-wrote with Dharmesh Shah.

  • Verity Wood

    Verity Dearsley

    Managing Director, The B2B Marketing Lab

    Verity helped launch The B2B Marketing Lab five years ago and has grown with the business to become the Managing Director. Verity oversees strategy on all client accounts at The B2B Marketing Lab and also heads up our HubSpot consulting team, spending much of her time with clients assisting them with bespoke consultancy on everything from HubSpot implementations to effective Inbound Marketing campaigns. 

  • Daryn Smith

    Daryn Smith

    Co-Founder, MPULL

    Daryn Smith is the co-founder of CRM and CX agency, Mpull. He has been instrumental in building the agency, attracting global customers with his clear focus on creating and sustaining customer confidence. With a background in both computer science and marketing, Daryn is a driving force behind the accelerating intersection of technology and marketing.

  • Guy Washer

    Guy Washer

    Consulting Director, The B2B Marketing Lab

    Guy has worked in market research for the last 27 years having previously worked in banking, education and publishing. During his career Guy has worked with a wide range of clients from a variety of sectors and is equally happy working in business to business and consumer markets. His key passion however is working with companies to ensure that insight facilitates change and defines the way they execute activities, initiatives and strategies.



Starting from 02:30 PM

Registration & Welcome Reception

Come and register with our team and spend some time in the wonderful garden room at the SCI. 


Starting from 03.00 PM

Introduction: Verity Dearsley

Verity Dearsley, Managing Director at The B2B Marketing Lab, will be introducing the event and presenting on the most recent marketing, sales and customer service trends we've seen as an agency.


Starting from 03:15 PM

Keynote 2: Daryn Smith

Daryn Smith, Co-Founder of MPULL, will be providing some integration case studies using the HubSpot tool, explaining how using the wider HubSpot connect ecosystem can transform your business growth. 


Starting from 03:45 PM

Keynote 3: Guy Washer

Guy Washer, Consulting Director at The B2B Marketing Lab will focus on developing and using personas – not stereotypes -  that provide structure and direction for inbound marketing strategies.


Starting from 04:15 PM

Fireside Chat: Brian Halligan

HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan, will be joined by Bob Dearsley from The B2B Marketing Lab on stage for a fireside chat about all things Inbound, HubSpot, and what's next in marketing. 


Starting from 05.15 PM

Q&A: Ask Us Anything

This is your time to ask Verity, Brian or Daryn any questions at all!


Starting from 05:45 PM

Event Close: Drinks And Networking

We will finish the speaking slots at 5.45pm and continue with drinks and networking before closing the event at 6.30pm.