Wolters Kluwer, a financial publisher and software vendor, enables healthcare, tax, finance, legal and regulatory professionals to be more effective and efficient. Wolters Kluwer operates under four divisions: Legal & Regulatory Solutions, Tax & Accounting, Health and GRC Solutions. It is active in over 150 countries, with over 19,000 employees.



Wolters Kluwer's marketing team was struggling to edit, add to and improve their website due it being hard-coded, with no function or access to edit as they wished. As a result, many activities had to be outsourced to various agencies, which proved costly and time consuming.

In addition, the organisation had been sending a large number of outbound emails to purchased data lists, attempting to reach as many potential customers as possible. There was also a lack of Inbound Marketing collateral or content for contacts to convert on, apart from registering for product demos, or purchasing Wolters Kluwer written books.

The B2B Marketing Lab team have been a really inspirational marketing force within our business, they have transformed our use of HubSpot and proven that inbound is the way forward for our business.

Jon Chilton, Marketing Manager,


Wolters Kluwer UK, Tax & Accounting.

Drivers For Change

Email Marketing Decline

As a successful global company, Wolters Kluwer was able to reach a large consumer base. However, with the success of email marketing dropping year by year, the strategy of emailing promotional material to large email lists was not resulting in the desired lead generation conversion figures.

Website Restrictions

Wolters Kluwer staff were struggling to make any edits or improvements to their website, often having to wait several weeks for webpages to be created or edited at cost. It needed a solution which meant they could take website management in-house, and put marketing campaigns live in hours, rather than days.

Product Focused Messaging

Lastly, most of the content used on the website and in marketing material was product focused, rather than solution focused. Rather than purely focus on the benefits of the products, Wolters Kluwer was looking to show its customers how it can help solve their pain points.


Campaigns Launched


HubSpot Landing Pages Created


Inbound Leads Generated


PPC Leads Generated

What Did We Do?

The Solution

Migrated the website onto HubSpot

The B2B Marketing Lab overhauled the website and moved it onto the HubSpot COS platform, giving Wolters Kluwer editable templates to make future page creation faster and easier.

The entire website was migrated onto HubSpot, which included three custom-made homepage modules and a mega menu, providing a platform to educate, inform and convert contacts.

HubSpot Support & Troubleshooting

The B2BML team provided expert advice and training sessions on the use of HubSpot, and were also always on the end of a phone or email to troubleshoot anything from page creation, to workflow setup, to Salesforce integration support.

Wolters Kluwer Homepage

Inbound Marketing Best Practice

The B2BML team helped Wolters Kluwer to adopt inbound practices into its current email marketing strategy, ensuring leads were nurtured effectively and that the right offer was presented at the right time. In addition, The B2B Marketing Lab ran numerous HubSpot training sessions, empowering the Wolters Kluwer team to build and deliver marketing campaigns within HubSpot themselves.

On-Site Support

The B2B Marketing Lab team also provided weekly on-site support to the Wolters Kluwer Marketing team. The value of face-to-face time is always crucial when assisting with a change of marketing techniques and philosophy, which was a huge factor in the success of the marketing campaigns that followed.

The Benefits

Inbound Lead Generation

Wolters Kluwer is now generating leads directly through its website, where visitors can interact with content specific to where they are in the buyers journey. This means that fewer unresponsive outbound emails are being used, and content marketing is educating new & existing customers on how Wolters Kluwer products can help them. 

Automated Lead Nurturing 

Wolters Kluwer is now using HubSpot's automated workflows to nurture leads with additional content that they are interested in. This ensures that visitors regularly receive content that is relevant to where they are in the buying cycle, without requiring significant time or resources from the marketing team.

Full Inbound Campaigns

The Wolters Kluwer internal marketing team are now capable of planning, executing and reporting on Inbound Marketing campaigns from start to finish within HubSpot. This involves using the variety of HubSpot tools to move contacts from lead to customer.

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