What is Growth-Driven Design?

    Traditional website redesign is broken; embrace Growth-Driven Design!

    Your website is the most important component in your marketing activity - after all, it meets your prospects before you do. Ensuring that it is fully-stocked, well designed and effective on both desktop and mobile is fundamental in generating new business.

    Gone are the days where a simple, static ‘brochure’ type website would suffice and bring you leads and enquiries. In today’s world, it is highly impractical to have a website which is never updated, fails to introduce new high-quality content on a regular basis, and provides no means for interested searchers to engage with your business on a level other than ‘contact us’.

    If you find yourself in the position where your ‘static’ and ‘traditional’ website is no longer generating you leads, business enquiries or any form of engagement, a complete redesign may be the solution.

    But what does a redesign involve?

    Historically, ‘traditional’ website redesign projects have been often complicated, incredibly expensive – and very time-consuming. With a traditional website redesign, you spend month after month trying to rectify your unsatisfactory website - all while costs are escalating, and you continue to show your unsatisfactory, or maybe even, embarrassing, website to the world.

    So you want to avoid all that - and you want a number of things:

    1. You want your new website now
    2. You want to get rid of the old website as soon as possible
    3. You don’t want to spend a large lump-sum on it - and would rather spread the costs over a 12-month period
    4. You know what you want it to look like
    5. You want to be able to easily add new pages to it

    And you want it now!

    With this in mind, traditional website redesign is not for you. In fact, traditional website redesign is broken – and businesses can no longer afford to take that approach.

    Instead, opt for a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approach.

    Growth-Driven Design offers an alternative, smarter and more potent approach to the website redesign process. Instead of recreating your website in its entirety, you instead identify your highest-value pages (HVPs) and launch an MVP (minimum viable product) website, which is the most practical and strategically effective website for your business to launch within the shortest period of time.

    Growth-Driven Design Chart
    With Growth-Driven Design, you focus continuously on:

    • - Improving your website through data, analytics and user-behaviour
    • - Minimising expenses and risks
    • - Preventing deadlines being extended
    • - Introducing new, high-quality content on a regular basis
    • - Building your website based on actionable data - providing a data-driven design

    Growth-Driven Design represents a tremendous opportunity for your business to modify its existing website into one that really does work as the most powerful lead generating part of the business - just as it should!

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