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The B2B Marketing Lab @ Grow with HubSpot London

By B2B Marketing Lab Newsroom

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A few days ago, The B2B Marketing Lab team attended the Grow with HubSpot event at The Mermaid, London, and spent six hours soaking up valuable Inbound Marketing and HubSpot knowledge.

It was a day full of valuable education, workshops, breakout sessions, coffee, lunch and even HubSpot swag!

But you might be wondering - what is Grow with HubSpot?

Well, Grow with HubSpot is a global event series for marketing and sales professionals looking to grow their businesses better. These events take place in regions across the globe, providing marketers and salespeople with opportunities to learn new strategies, get the latest advice and meet other Inbound Marketers. 

We heard from HubSpot's Sales Director for EMEA, Ed Barrett, about Inbound Marketing, and HubSpot's Principal Sales Engineer, Brian Gallagher, spoke about the latest HubSpot tools and how to take advantage of them. 


As well as hearing from some of HubSpot's top people, both our Managing Director, Verity Dearsley, and Client Services Director, Jess Packer, were invited to speak on a panel about the HubSpot Partner Programme. 

The panel was hosted by Diarmuid Walsh, a senior sales manager at HubSpot, someone B2BML know very well and have worked with for a number of years. 


If you are looking to learn more about HubSpot and Inbound Marketing - attending a Grow with HubSpot event in your region is certainly worth considering. As mentioned previously, it's a global event series, so an event will no doubt be in your region soon! Check it out here

You can find more images from the day below: 







by B2B Marketing Lab Newsroom

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