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    Inbound Sales 101: Dan Tyre's top tips for getting past gatekeepers

    By B2B Marketing Lab Newsroom

    “Being a gatekeeper is really hard – they’re trying to keep everything organised – so when salespeople inevitably call in, they need to make the gatekeeper’s job easier and build a relationship with them.”

    In this exclusive video interview, Dan Tyre, HubSpot’s sales director (and first ever salesperson), provides his top tips for salespeople trying to get past ‘gatekeepers’ in an organisation.

    Gatekeepers possess the ability to put you in touch with who you want to speak to – a decision maker – but getting to that point requires an appreciation of the fact that gatekeepers are human beings too.

    Showing gatekeepers – or rather, ‘gate openers’ (as Dan calls them) the respect they deserve and acknowledging their role in the process will help you to build relationships and gradually get through to those you want to speak to.

    At the same time, it’s crucial that salespeople obtain as much information as possible on the call – does the gatekeeper check the voicemail or email for the person you want to connect with? Knowing that kind of information is transformational and will help to build context when you finally do connect with who you want to speak to.

    Let them know who you are, let them know who you would like to speak to, let them know you’ll be calling again soon and finally – but most importantly – let them know you want to help.  

    If you missed Dan's previous video on Inbound Sales, you can watch it here

    by B2B Marketing Lab Newsroom

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