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Ask any Marketing or Sales Director the question, “Do you want more sales enquiries?” the answer is “Yes, of course!” 100% of the time.

So we build Inbound Marketing campaigns that have a number of different measurement metrics to ensure that the campaign stays on the right track. But there is always a healthy discussion surrounding one metric above all others – the number of sales enquiries or leads generated from the campaign.

The success of marketing campaigns is ultimately judged on the number of leads generated, the quality of those leads and how many of those leads end in a closed sale. Obviously the higher the sale value, the more valuable the marketing campaign. Once we begin having these kinds of conversations with Marketing or Sales Directors, as we get to understand the cost per lead or cost per acquisition - then we know we’re on the right track to providing a measurable Inbound Marketing campaign.

In our control

Once the quality of the leads or sales enquiries has been determined then we have our benchmark that we can be measured against. We can begin assessing the target market to determine the size, opportunities and which channels or methods will work best to reach an intended target audience. We build our Inbound Marketing campaign and start generating content to support it. The generation of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) is in our control to the point where we hand them over to Sales for further qualification so that they can progress down the funnel to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). 

To be sure that Inbound Marketing campaigns are successful, the Sales Director and his or her team need to fully understand and be ‘bought into’ the concept of Inbound Marketing and they need to be able to appreciate the value of an MQL generated through an inbound campaign. But it is also important to understand the sales approach that is needed, otherwise the interest from these early stage leads can be stamped out inadvertently by the the sales team before a fire has been ignited.

Leads generated by inbound campaigns are by nature at an earlier stage than someone who contacts you and has actively sought out a sales person to get further information.

At the B2B Marketing Lab, we specialise in creating Inbound Marketing programmes for B2B organisations that adapt to the methods in which modern decision-makers operate. At the very beginning of the process, before a contract is signed we need to make sure we’ve spoken to the sales team so that they understand our campaign and how to handle the enquiries we’ll be generating for them.

We have built excellent relationships with sales teams over the years and have been heavily involved in CRM software integrations e.g. Salesforce so that the sales team can access the necessary information to conduct their own lead qualification. But right from the start we have to make sure that the sales team, Marketing team and the team at B2BML understand what constitutes a lead or sales enquiry and the best way to engage with that enquiry when it arrives.

Once we’re at this point we can do what we do best and start generating sales enquiries for you.

To find out more about our guaranteed sales lead generation programme click here and you’ll be taken straight to our proposition.

by B2B Marketing Lab Newsroom

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