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10 Top Tips for Designing an eBook

By Jessica Packer

Top 10 Tips for designing an eBook

Are you struggling with designer’s block? Don’t fear! It happens to the best of us. You want to make sure your eBook design is worthy of the fantastic content it will contain. To help you with your mission, in the first half of our two part blog series, we’ve put together five of our top tips from our own personal experience to help you design that perfect eBook! 

1. Stick to those brand guidelines!

But don’t make them all look the same! This may sound like an oxymoron, but as you will come to understand when designing eBooks, the devil is most certainly in the detail! Keep the style uniform, but push the boundaries of what you can change to make sure the end result looks different. Sticking to your brand guidelines is essential; it will make your content look professional, credible and above all, recognisable as readers move from case study to research report to thought leadership.

Before you start designing, establish the ground rules for the brand style of your marketing collateral – this should include elements like your corporate fonts and header size, main body text size, array of colours, company or partner logos, icons and photography/imagery – then create your eBooks using these building blocks. Vary the look with colours or cover images, vary your title placement or maybe designate a corporate colour per eBook. Above all have fun with it! But just stick to those rules…

2. Keep the front cover simple, yet eye catching

Your front cover should catch the attention of your readers and encourage them to download the eBook or to turn to the next page. The best way to do this? A bold image works brilliantly. We’re often drawn to images on a page as they catch our attention. If you’ve ever wandered round a bookshop or music store (yes we think they still exist), chances are you’ll notice the book or CD/record with the bold front cover versus the one with the blank background. We have to add an obviously caveat here in that there are exceptions to this rule – a white background with big bold lettering for its title may be equally eye catching. However, choosing an appropriate front does depend on the style of your website to some extent, those trusty brand guidelines and your overall corporate image.

3. Make sure your title is clear and prominent

There’s no point in having a beautifully designed front cover if no one can read your title instantly. Although the overall design is important, your title is of utmost importance and should be given a lot of thought, care and attention. Your readers need to be able to glance at your front cover, see the title and the supporting image, and instantly understand what your eBook will offer them. Imagine it’s a billboard that you pass within seconds - your title is the strapline readers need to take away above all else.

4. Headings, headings and more headings!

There is nothing worse than turning a page within an eBook and being confronted with a wall of text. With no indicators of where to go next or how to digest the information, it’s like arriving at a dead end. It will turn the reader off straight away – they’re not looking for a novel. Think about how the eBook will be consumed – chances are it’ll be on a laptop or mobile device over lunch; in the evening; on the train – make sure that it contains easily digestible information that readers can browse through and draw out nuggets of golden information.

5. Don’t forget the images…

Leading on from my earlier point about headers, you can also break up your text effectively with images. Not only does this make your eBook look great, it also makes it easier to read and remember. Make those images symbolic or relevant to what you’re discussing and you’ll be flying! You can use and incorporate the images in various ways, you can have full bleed images, images with text wrapped around, images with text overlaid, a combination of all these methods… the possibilities are endless!



by Jessica Packer

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