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10 Inbound Marketing Resources you should subscribe to right now!

By Matt Creswick

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The philosophy of Inbound Marketing has revolutionised the industry over the past decade, fundamentally changing both day-to-day activities and the quality of results for Marketing Managers across the globe.

Effective Inbound Marketing can improve lead generation, increase client acquisition and enhance customer engagement – but only with the right approach. Good Inbound Marketing starts and ends with excellent content. If the content isn’t right or relevant, the campaign won’t work. You’ve heard the term ‘Content is King’ right? It is the delivery of high-quality, educational, helpful and personalised content to your audience that is the key – but how do you create that great content?

The very nature of Inbound Marketing means it’s a skill that’s difficult to master, requiring an entirely different skillset to traditional outbound marketing. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of resources out there for any aspiring Inbound Marketing managers who are keen to develop their expertise and expand their skillset. To provide you with a comprehensive list of those resources, we cornered our team at The B2B Marketing Lab, and asked them to provide their top ten resources that they use on daily basis to keep up to date with Inbound news, techniques and best practices.

This is the list that they shared with us, in no particular order as they are all great!

Simply put, is a huge knowledge sharing hub which brings marketers together and share advice on how to get better at their jobs. Created by Rand Fishkin (the founder of Moz) and Dharmesh Shah (the co-founder of HubSpot) has a community of almost 250,000 (yes, a quarter of a million users!) sharing ideas and experience. We find that it’s a great place to connect and interact with your fellow marketers, or simply to just get some inspiration for your next Inbound Marketing campaign!


Impact Brand Blog

Impact Branding and DesignUs Diamond HubSpot Partners stick together… Impact Branding & Design are a HubSpot Diamond partner across the pond. Like The B2B Marketing Lab, Impact focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses tackle their biggest marketing challenges and optimise their online presence. Their blog features the latest in Inbound Marketing, sales, web design and HubSpot information!


HubSpot Blog

HubSpot Inbound MarketingYour ‘daily dose of Inbound’ and it is easy to see why.

With both a Marketing and Sales blog, you will find a never-ending supply of posts to enhance your Inbound development, whether you are Marketing or Sales focused. Everyone at The B2B Marketing Lab has subscribed to the blogs; as should pretty much anyone with any interest in the Inbound movement! With a vast number of writers contributing on a variety of Inbound topics, the blog contains a wealth of valuable information for any aspiring marketing professional. Inbound MarketingHubSpot’s Medium

Launched in 2012, Medium is a social publishing platform that hosts a diverse collection of stories, ideas and perspectives. Delivered straight to your mobile device, Medium gives its writers the power to share their story, and the reader the chance to tailor what they see based on their interests. In general, we find that Medium is a platform built for storytelling, and HubSpot’s account has some great stories to tell!


The AskGaryVee ShowGary Vee Show

Gary Who?

Gary Vaynerchuk (or ‘Vee’ for ease) is the CEO and co-founder of Vayner Media, a social media focused digital agency with over 600 employees, and a serial entrepreneur who has previously invested in Facebook, Twitter, Uber, as well as dozens more! Gary runs a hugely popular YouTube channel called #AskGaryVee’, an energetic, inspiring and motivational marketing and social media Q&A series.


The B2B Marketing Lab Inbound MarketingB2BML blog

We had to include our own blog didn’t’ we?

Our blog provides best practice advice on a wide range of topics; from high-level Inbound Marketing articles to PPC & SEO tips. There is an abundance of useful information broken down into easily digestible articles, as well as news on the latest Inbound Marketing and HubSpot developments. You can view the blog here and subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the Inbound Marketing knowledge!


Moz Inbound MarketingMoz blog

A vital resource for any Inbound Marketer serious about SEO (which you all should be!). Moz’s blog provides best practice advice for improving your website and your search, social, content and brand marketing. Looking to improve your rankings and get found for relevant key terms? This is a good place to start!

Content Marketing Institute


Content Marketing Institute Blog

When it comes to Inbound Marketing – content is king!

This content marketing institute blog is a valuable Inbound Marketing resource for any marketer looking to optimise their content strategy. This blog has advice and guidance from anything on how to use Twitter data to improve your marketing, to hacking buyer personas in 2017.

No More PR and Marketing Bollox


No More PR & Marketing Bollox!

We’ve saved the best till last - No More PR & Marketing Bollox!

No More PR & Marketing Bollox is a weekly blogging platform, dedicated to providing the SME and start-up community with highly reliable, no nonsense and straight-talking advice on PR and Marketing. With No More PR & Marketing Bollox, Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive of The B2B Marketing Lab, provides an essential resource for any SME and start-up determined to thrive and succeed in the digital world.


With the vast array of content available on the Internet, it’s imperative that your business creates a range of content that is targeted towards its buyer personas. These Inbound Marketing resources should refine your understanding of the type of engaging content that is required to stand out from the competition, whilst ensuring that your content assets are SEO optimised in line with best practice and can be easily found by your audience.

The resources available in this post are all great, but make sure you don’t just read and watch what others have to say, has your business got insight it can share too? Whether it’s in written format, or video and audio format, make sure you’re connecting with your audience! To find out more about how The B2B Marketing Lab can help your business to develop itself as an industry leader, click here.

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by Matt Creswick

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