The B2B Marketing Lab is an international inbound marketing consultancy in London. We help businesses transform their marketing strategy, generating qualified leads through content marketing, lead nurturing, website design & build, website content creation and demand generation services.


We are a team of digital marketing consultants, search engine marketers, PPC analysts, content specialists, designers, web developers and social media addicts who are continually researching current and emerging B2B marketing tools and trends in order to deliver best practice advice and consultancy in inbound marketing, social media and search engine marketing campaigns for B2B organisations.

The B2B Marketing Lab is part of The itpr Group, an international digital marketing family, with over 25 years experience and office locations in London, Chicago and Boston. The B2B Marketing Lab has two sister organistions, for more information please visit their websites below.  

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itpr is the 'most-rated by journalists' London-based B2B Technology PR consultancy with over 25 years specialist industry experience.

Be Found Online is an international Search & PPC agency with offices in Chicago, London & Singapore. 

What makes us different?



We are a specialist B2B marketing consultancy and the only HubSpot Platinum Partner to be headquartered in London. We’ve also got more accreditations than any other HubSpot partner in the UK.



Comprised of a bunch of inbound scientists, we’re 'all in' with the inbound methodology - and have a granular understanding of how it - and HubSpot - work.



We provide bespoke HubSpot and inbound marketing consultancy, as we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing activity - and you may have different objectives.



By combining our B2B marketing processes with your business objectives we are able to devise tailored lead-generation campaigns for your company, no matter whether you are a startup, SME or large enterprise.



If you want to learn more about the inbound marketing methodology and the HubSpot marketing automation platform, we provide bespoke training programs for individuals and groups.



The B2B Marketing Lab has experience in a number of vertical markets and therefore a thorough understanding of their nuances, pressures and contexts.

Five reasons to use a HubSpot Platinum Partner in 2017

You may be using an outbound marketing strategy and not generating the results you desire, or you may be a disciple of the inbound methodology, but might need advice on software, best practices and how you can convert more leads through automation.

Enlisting a HubSpot Platinum Partner to assist you will enable you to solve all of these issues, with simple, knowledgeable advice. As HubSpot partners, we have an innate understanding of all things Inbound.

Download this eBook to discover and learn how a HubSpot Platinum Partner can:

  • Provide advice and consultancy on marketing affairs
  • Assist you with everything HubSpot related, from software implementation to technical support
  • Keep you informed about the best Inbound practices and latest developments
  • Train you and your team to run effective Inbound marketing campaigns from start to finish
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Why to use a hubspot platinum partner - five reasons