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Sales Lead Generation for B2B organisations 

Interrupting busy execs with phone calls to try to persuade them that they need your product or service has never been more difficult and traditional cold-calling and tele-marketing is showing ever dwindling returns for B2B sales organisations.

Sales lead generation in the twenty teens has to move on from the ‘bow and arrow’ approach of 'hitting the phones' tele-marketing in order to reach your prospect’s strategic buyers.

Today, more than ever you have to embrace the web and start to use good quality content on your website to its full extent. Use the technology that exists today to bring your prospects to you and then to capture their interest and information through marketing technology.

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Great content - clear product and service propositions – combined with blogs, well search engine optimised web pages, clever social media interaction, as well as carefully targeted pay-per-click campaigns will bring your prospects to you. Then using today’s technology, you have a chance to capture the contact details for the buyer - who has already shown an interest in you and your product or services – and then your contact is warm, warranted by clear interest and either ready to talk to you, or goes into a ‘lead nurture’ process that means that they will be gently prodded with further useful information until they are ready!

Lead scoring means that leads that have interacted with your website over a period of time are automatically alerted to your sales team when they have made sufficient contact.

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10 Steps to Lead Generation via your Website

Today, we can engage with you to build you a lead generation engine that is always on, always on your website, tracking and managing your visitors and flagging those who have shown sufficient interest to qualify themselves as leads.

Lead generation campaigns at an agreed cost per lead

Buy a campaign – let a team of Inbound Marketing experts from The B2B Marketing Laboratory drive your sales leads for you and use the latest marketing technology from companies like HubSpot, Moz or BrightEdge, Hootsuite and Google to develop a sales lead generation engine for a 100 lead campaign or even a more advanced programme for hundreds of leads.

You don’t need to buy all the software to run on your website – it’s all in the Cloud so we’ll rent it to you – pay-as-you-go as part of a campaign.

As one of London’s most established HubSpot, Search and Google Analytics agencies, we come highly recommended by our Partners at Google, HubSpot, BrightEdge, Moz and many more.

We specialise in creating marketing programmes for B2B organisations that are adapted to the ways in which a modern decision-maker operates. We therefore create excellent, informative content that your audience finds truly valuable and put in place mechanisms to distribute and promote it across multiple channels to ensure that it gets found by your target customer.

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Through a sophisticated combination of:

We guarantee to generate leads! Our campaigns work - give it a try - you will pay for the leads you need - when they are delivered. 

Still wondering how exactly modern B2B marketing results in improved sales lead generation, and what the basics are?

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10 Steps to Lead Generation via your Website