Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation

Your marketing is working and pushing people to the website. Your social media activity has built an engaged community of followers and your onsite SEO strategy has landed you in the top five search engine result pages. 

Even better - you’ve designed your website so that you can capture the details of any potential prospects who have expressed an interest in your content and you’re building a database of individual and identifiable prospects. 




What now?

Web visitors who have registered their interest with your company via your website are not ready to buy straight away. They are in a phase of conducting research and are weighing up the options available within the marketplace.

But when they are ready to buy, how do you make sure that they remember you? How do you turn the initial casual curiosity into genuine long-term interest and even trust?

The short answer is effective lead nurturing.

Explaining Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

In the past marketers have used spreadsheets and a manual process to monitor leads and manage the lead nurturing process. Creating a manual workflow to track leads and how long it has been since they were contacted, and what with piece of content, and then diarising your next engagement and then scheduling reminders to send it out is a very time intensive process and is hardly scalable. It will soon reach a breaking point where this is not sustainable.

If you’re at breaking point with your lead nurturing campaign, this is where marketing automation can come to your rescue by drip-feeding targeted communications to the leads within your database. 

It boils down to having the time, technical skills and knowledge to make this automated process work and have engaging and varied content to hand feed it depending on how far down the process your lead is.

We acknowledge that this is can be a complicated process, especially if you’re making the leap to an new automated lead nurturing process or if you’re of the mind set that you’re a marketer, not a techie!